Test Acer K750: Full HD LED Projector Laser

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For those who waited, here is the retesting of home cinema projectors. We have just put online the new test Full HD Projector Acer K750, a model that does not incorporate a conventional lamp light source, but a hybrid of laser and LED. A true pioneer in the world of video projection?

Test conditions and equipment used for measurements

Calibration software: Pro Chromapure
Probes: Eye One Pro, Display Pro 3
Meters: 1108 Volcraft
Screen: 2.20 meters wide (gain 1)
Sources: Blu-ray Player Oppo BDP-93 Blu-Ray LG390
  Blu-ray: Casino Royale, Batman Dark Knight, The Empire Attacks against
DVD: The paths of perdition

The 2012 edition of the last show electronic BERLIN International Funk Austellung (IFA) in which we participated as every year, it is noted particularly disappointing in terms of developments in the field of home projector, a exception! And it is this which we'll talk about today. This is the Acer K750 is the first home theater projector features a full HD DC3 DLP of 0.65 inches and whose light source is not a lamp, but a combination of laser and LED .

The advantage of this technology is its first life, for it is announced K750 20 000 hours. The ignition and extinction are almost immediate and the device emits very little heat. Other strong points put forward by the proponents of this technique, the stability of the luminance and colorimetry, which allow only have to calibrate the projector once, reducing the brightness is limited to about 10% with the passage of time. This model foreshadows the end of the illumination by conventional UHP lamps and rapid loss of brightness sad memory. Other manufacturers are lining up and we should see similar models from BenQ and Optoma 2013.

We had in the past already tested models such as LED Vivitek H9080FD, but also a much higher price, this projector was not hybrid. The Acer K750 is positioned at a price less than € 2000 and is already available from your dealer at time of writing this test. After an absence of several months, with this technological innovation as we begin the return home theater projectors of the season 2012/2013.

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